Exhibitor Mandates for Pumpkinfest 2021:
The Board will continue to monitor the State of Michigan and CDC mandates for large group gatherings. Please be aware that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival and all its events can be canceled by authorities at any given time. Should the festival be canceled, booth fees will be reimbursed. The South Lyon Area Pumpkinfest executive committee, staff and/or volunteers are not responsible for any personal costs, travel or supply expenses that you may incurred as an exhibitor.

Pumpkinfest offers three types of street booths.

*** Electricity is not available in the downtown booth area for any booths.  Unauthorized connections will be removed.

1) NON-PROFIT Booths -   Non-profit booths are offered to groups wishing to benefit non-profit organizations or charities.
These booths must contain a game or activity which the public will pay for using tickets purchased from the ticket booths at Pumpkinfest.  Proceeds for their ticket collection is given to the non-profit or charity.

Non-Profit 10x10 $50.00 fee

Non-Profit 10x20 $100.00 fee

2)  ARTISAN Booth  -  These booths are offered to artists or crafters wishing to sell handmade or handcrafted merchandise
in a booth downtown. A photo of your product and booth setup is required with the submission of your application.

Artisan 10x10 = $125.00 fee

Artisan 10x20 = $225.00 fee

3)  MERCHANT Booth   - These booths are offered to Merchants and businesses that wish to sell merchandise in a booth downtown. A photo of your product and booth setup is required with the submission of your application.  We will not accept MLLs or Political booths which are informational only.

Merchant 10x10 = $250.00 fee

Merchant 10x20= $500.00 fee

Booth space for 2021 is full.

Questions can be emailed to  Shelley Oliveira  at

Pumpkinfest Tent Area Booth Requirements: Applicants and/or Exhibitors provide:

  • 10x10, or 10x20 straight legged tent.
  • Electricity is NOT available in any booth.
  • Exhibitors provide tables, displays and chairs for you or those working with you.
  • Exhibitors provide decor' to decorate their tent.  We ask you decorate your space in accordance to your business theme, a fall theme or a theme in line with the year's parade theme.
  • Exhibitors provide sufficient amounts of product to sell for 2 days to a mass public.
  • Booths are not available for MLM marketers, political or for propaganda uses.
  • Booths (dependent upon type) will contain either a game, craft, professional or artisan merchandise.
  • The Pumpkinfest Executive Committee reserves the right, at their distinction, to limit the number of "like" vendors, merchandise or games admitted to the festival.
  • Pumpkinfest Hours of Operation:
    Saturday, September 25th           10:00 A.M.  to 7:00 P.M.
    Sunday, September 26th             11:00 A.M.  to 6:00 P.M.
  • Applicants are applying for both days.  We do not allow one day entries.  All approved applicants are expected to remain at the festival for the full duration of the festival.  Arriving late or shutting down early are strictly prohibited.
  • A photo of your display is to be submitted with your application.
270 1 Electronicpayment

There is a Farmers Market and food vending area at the festival.  therefore, the downtown booths may not contain homemade foods or beverages for sale. Booths must be in compliance with all state or federal tax and licensing laws which apply to the distribution of their product or merchandise.

For booth ideas or questions, please contact Shelley Oliveira at

Wondering what game or activity to offer at your booth?
The Carnival Savers website has many ideas.


320 1 Scarecrow(2) (1)

The Scarecrow Contest is hosted by:
Kensington Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Judging will be held on Sunday, September. 26th.

Contest Rules and details, are explained in the entry form.

Questions? Please contact Andrea Meyer at (248) 617-3075.