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10 lucky contestants will compete for the Best Pumpkin Pie Baker at the Festival!!

Prizes will be awarded to Categories:  Best Tasting, Most Unique & Grand Prize: Over All Best.  Participation ribbons for all!!



1. Eligibility
• You must be 16 or older to enter.
• You must be present to win.  During Pumpkinfest 1:30pm Sunday, September 29, at the Family Stage.

2. Requirements
• No store bought pies, shells or crusts.
• You may use any recipe you choose, as long as it has pumpkin in the ingredients.

• Only 1 pie entered per individual person.
• You must use your own glass or metal baking dish with your name clearly marked with masking tape on the bottom

3. Registration:  You must be pre-registered to enter.  Click the button above to enter.

• Must be entered by Friday Sept 20th, 2024.

• The contest will accept 10 entries at which time entries will close.

4. Prizes
• Each participant will receive a ribbon just for participating.

• Categories include: Best Tasting,  Most Unique,  Grand Prize: Best Over All.

• Grand Prize and category prizes will be announce at a later date.

5. Agreement of Contestants

By entering this Pumpkin Pie Contest you agree to have your photo taken, your pie’s photo and related photos of the contest used on various community websites, and any related social media accounts.  You also agree that all decisions are final and the rules, judges and operation of the contest are ultimately up to the Judges.

6. Logistics
• You will be contacted the week before the competition to be told where to bring your pie at the South Lyon Pumpkinfest
• Your pie plate must be picked up from the Family Stage following the winner announcements and photos.