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Sunday, September 25, 2022 - 3:30P.M.

on the Family Stage

Who should enter:  Individuals or teams of 4

Members of a youth organization:
Scouts, Cadets, Church Groups, 4-H Groups, Homeschoolers, Sports Teams, Arts or Educational Groups or Clubs.

Categories are based on grades levels for 2022/2023.

Elementary level: Third, Fourth or Fifth grades

Middle School Level: Sixth, Seventh and Eighth.

High School Level: Ninth through Twelfth grades.

Points will be awarded to fastest team/individual with quality and correctness of knot(s) being considered.

Prizes will be awarded to the highest point group in each contestant category as well as an individual prize awarded to the single top point earner of each category.

Once entered, you'll be emailed Knot types that will be used in the contest for practice.  Difficulty will be based on age group level.

Pre-registration required by: September 16th, 2000